Necessary Utils for the Doctor V64

Bios / Sram Tools / Transfer Progs / Ips Patchers


Ver 1.8B -Newest Bios: Automatically load Upsram 1.2 after a '.sav' file have been loaded from CD or PC. No need to load Up-Sram from menu function, just select the '.sav' file and press the 'play' button  then turn on the N64 and it will load the save game file into the game cartridge or the DX256. It will return to the file selection screen after N64 have been switched off and thus save a lot of time and procedures.  *This function applies only to the B version of 1.80 and  Select games from viewing MPEG demo files. This version will search and play MPEG
files (.mpg) automatically.  The files will keep looping until the 'play' or 'stop' button is
pressed.  If the 'play' button is pressed while the MPEG demo file is playing, it will load the
game file which is showing on screen, game file must have a corresponding filename (e.g
v64001.mpg, game file must be v64001 or v64001.v64), turn on N64 after the file have been loaded. If there is no game file correspnding to the MPEG demo file, the MPEG demo file will
not play. If the "stop' button is depressed while the MPEG demo files are playing, it will return to the main screen and wait for an input command.  If the '<<' or '>>' button is pressed when the MPEG demo files are playing, it will go back to previous or next MPEG demo file
respectively.  Note: This function is great for retail shops and arcade game centre as it will be good for game demostration and selection for the V64 and N64.  It will be of no use for
hardcore gamers who knows about every game in the market.

Older Versions

Sram Tools

SRAM Upload Utility 1.2 - Use this to upload save games that you can find off the net. This is great if you don't have a DX256 yet. Great Prog.

SRAM Manager 2.0 by Datawiz / Blackbag - I don't know what I'd do with out this prog. This rom allows you to manage your mem pak the the data saved on the cartridge in the slot and move them all around and stuff.

Smart Saver 256 v0.9.3 beta by Hartec - Great Prog. used to manage your DX256 with ease.

Tranfer Programs

RTOOL 2.0.5 by BlackBag - An absolutly wonderful program, its a Multiusage send / receive / patching / editing tool, you want it, it has it. ( DLL files )

Tcp 1.1 - Old but still good for dos.

Ips Tools

SmartIPS 1.1 by Hartec / DEXTROSE - Best (and only) windows Ips patcher.